Co-director/Editor/VFX - "Andromeda" by Weyes Blood
Editor - "Fall In Love Alone" by Stacey Ryan
Editor - "It's Not Just Me, It's Everybody" by Weyes Blood
Assistant Editor - Solar Opposites Season 4
Editor/Colorist - "Placebo" by Trousdale
Editor/Colorist - "CHIVALRY IS DEAD" by Jesse Barrera and Albert Posis
Editor/Colorist - "Bad Blood" by Trousdale
Editor - "Can't Be Friends" by Cassidy King
Editor/ Colorist - "Half of Me" by Violett
Editor - "Movies" Coachella Montage by Weyes Blood
Editor - "Thique" Official Lyric Video by Beyoncé
Editor - "Tantrum" by Madeline the Person
Editor - "Can You Handle My Love??" by WALK THE MOON
Editor/Animator - "Chain Reaction" by Violett
Editor/ Colorist - "goddamnit" by Jasmin Savoy
Editor - "Free" Live Performance by Carol Ades
Assistant Editor - "God Turn Me Into A Flower" Projection by Weyes Blood
Editor - "Bored Ghost" Reddit Commercials
Editor/Colorist - "Go There" by Trousdale
Editor - Trailer for "Red Moon In Venus" by Kali Uchis
Editor - Tide "The Best Way To Go"
Editor - "Easy" by Matt Simons
Co-director/Editor - "What I Have Left" by Gilbert Louie Ray
Editor - "Kill For You" by Gigi Perez
Editor - "Clockwork" by Sophia James
Editor - "This Is Me" by Disney's DCappella
Editor - "Gatekeeper" by Dylan Conrique
Editor - "Fuckin' Sound" Performance by Lucky Daye
Editor - "Love" by Trousdale
Editor - "First Time Around" by Sophia James
Editor - "Twins" by Ben Weinswig
Editor - "Over Tonight" by Stacey Ryan
Editor - "Tattoo" by that band Honey.
Editor - "Deep End" by Stacey Ryan
Assistant Editor - "Renaissance" Official Lyric Videos by Beyoncé
Assistant Editor - #HALLSOFIVY Adidas x Ivy Park (Beyoncé)
Editor - "Giants" by WALK THE MOON
Assistant Editor - "Have Mercy" by Chlöe
Editor/ VFX - "Fire In Your House" by WALK THE MOON
Editor - "Gangster of Love" by Aiyana-Lee
Editor - "But I Don'T" by JESSIA
Editor - "Waiting on the Outcome" by Jesse Clegg
Editor - "Bedroom" by Aiyana-Lee
Editor - "First Call" by JESSIA
Editor - "Let You Break My Heart Again" by Laufey & Philharmonia Orchestra
Editor - "Musical" Commercial for Fujifilm USA
Editor - "Press Conference" Commercial for Fujifilm USA
Editor - "This Is It" by Trousdale
Editor - "Light's Out" by Madeleine Mayi
Editor - "By Twenty-Five" by Rett Madison
Editor - "I Should Quit" by JESSIA
Editor - "Always, Joni" by Trousdale
Editor - "Have You Thought About Me With Somebody Else?" by Georgia Greene
Editor - "Rzeźbiarz [The Sculptor]" short film by Catherine Deptuch
Editor - "Happy Anymore (Live)" by Trousdale
Editor - "Old Man (Live)" by Trousdale
Editor - "Wouldn't Come Back (Live)" by Trousdale
Editor - "Better Off (Live)" by Trousdale
Editor - "Paul Peterson: A Blues Story"
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